• Zenon is ready to fight Langris and Finral
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 308 is not releasing this Sunday
  • Chapter 308 is now scheduled to hit the stands on Oct. 10

The brothers team up against the mighty Zenon Zogratis after the latter strikes a deal with Beelzebub. Fans will have to wait a little longer for this epic battle to unfold as "Black Clover" Chapter 308 is delayed and not releasing on Oct. 3.

Finral Roulacase knows if he and his brother, Langris Vaude, join forces they can defeat Zenon and rescue Yami Sukehiro. Manga Plus has confirmed the delay and "Black Clover" Chapter 308 is now postponed to Oct. 10.

In Chapter 307 of "Black Clover," Zenon Zogratis asked for a devil’s heart. Beelzebub giggled and asked what will he get in return. Zenon announced he was ready to offer his entire body to the devil.

Zenon added he was willing to even offer his soul if the Spade Kingdom continued to exist. Beelzebub agreed and decided to give him the devil’s heart.

As soon as the contract was made, Zenon’s body transformed healing the wound in his chest. Zenon’s new form shocked both Langris and Yuno.

Zenon noted that after acquiring the devil’s heart his strength will be even more destructive. Meanwhile, Yuno and Langris wondered if Zenon had completely transformed into a devil because of his new powers and heart.

Zenon was desperate to use his powers and instantly caught Yuno in a cube and started assaulting him using bones.

Yuno cried in pain as Zenon recalled the moment Yuno launched that arrow at him. Zenon told him that in order to avoid piercing his comrade, Yuno diverted the arrow slightly and missed his heart.

Zenon said if Yuno had sacrificed Langris he would have won the battle. Meanwhile, Langris rose again and Zenon was annoyed that Langris was not dead yet.

He decided to put Langris out of his misery. Just when he was ready to kill him, Finral appeared and saved Langris. Zenon was surprised to see him.

Langris was upset that Finral had to intervene. However, Finral cleared that he came to save Yami from Zenon.

Finral was able to teleport out of Zenon’s cube before the bones could attack him and Langris. Toward the end, Finral told his brother that they must fight together against this threat.

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