• "Black Clover" Chapter 328 is releasing Sunday
  • The chapter is coming out on Manga Plus and viz
  • Yuki Tabata is the creator of "Black Clover"

Forget minutes, Asta and Liebe only have five seconds before their Devil Union is undone. "Black Clover" Chapter 328 is likely to showcase the pair going all out to defeat Lucifero.

Time is running out and it is running out pretty fast. Liebe and Asta’s form kick Lucifero right in the face and the devil goes flying backward.

Can Lucifero rise and beat Asta and Liebe? Yami Sukehiro and Nacht Faust are banking on Asta’s anti-magic.

In the last "Black Clover" manga chapter, titled "Anti-Magic," Lucifero was confused to see Liebe and Asta’s brand-new form blocking his punch.

However, Lucifero noted that Asta still didn’t possess any magical powers. The devil punched the duo in the face, but it didn’t do anything.

Asta and Liebe got hold of Lucifero’s wrist. At that time, they felt they no longer were overlapping each other but were united in their wish to beat Lucifero and survive the onslaught.

It was their dying mother’s wish that they live. The duo then pressed Lucifero’s wrist and pushed it away from their face.

Lucifero was aware that Asta can now negate all kinds of magic with his touch. The devil decided to free his arm and started landing punches after punches at Asta and Liebe.

But they managed to block the attacks, and even jumped and attacked with the Demon-Slasher Katana over the demon’s head.

They were able to slice the tips of his horns and hair. Lucifero was holding Yami Sukehiro and Nacht Faust and after the attack, they landed on the ground.

Nacht wondered if this was Asta and Liebe’s true Unite form. Meanwhile, Yami compared the old Asta to this new fiercer Asta. He said to himself that they both remain interesting to him.

In the meantime, Lucifero was trying to fight back against the duo. Asta and Liebe knew they had only five seconds of Devil Union left and they needed to make the most of it.

"Black Clover" Chapter 328 is scheduled for release this Sunday. Fans can read the digital version of the chapter online on Manga Plus and Viz.

"Black Clover" manga is created by Yuki Tabata.

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