• 505 Games and ArtPlay announced a new update for "Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night"
  • The update adds Zangetsu as a playable character
  • The update also adds a Randomizer that lets players tweak crucial game parameters

Fans of the Igavania title “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night” will be glad to know that the people behind it are releasing a few new things for the game.

According to a blog entry on the game's official website, players will soon be able to play as Zangetsu. They will also get the new Randomizer tool that makes playing the game even more interesting than it already is. Here's a quick rundown on the new character and play mode.


Those who played the game will be familiar with Zangetsu, the fast-moving and skilled samurai/demon hunter bent on destroying every demon that comes his way. This man wields a powerful sword known as the "Zangetsuto" – the weapon Miriam needs to defeat a certain enemy.

Zangetsu Bloodstained official website

Zangetsu will be playable after players finish the game and receive the “Good Ending.” Those who play as this swordsman will be able to use all of his movement and fighting skills. His playstyle is different from Miriam's, however: he does not use shards, and the focus will be on fast-paced combat.

What's more, things like consumables, treasure chests, equipments, crafting, quests and story cutscenes are all disabled when playing as Zangetsu.


The Randomizer allows players to tweak the game, resulting in a different playthrough each time. There are eight different game parameters that can be tweaked. Here's a quick look at the eight game parameters.

  • Goal: this parameter determines what players need to accomplish in order to finish the game. This also determines the key items needed to finish the game, and the map that will be activated.
  • Key Items: these are the items the player needs to acquire to finish the playthrough.
  • Save/Warp Rooms: tweaking this mixes the locations of Save and Warp rooms.
  • Items: this setting governs where and what players can acquire items.
  • Enemy Drops: this setting determines the items that enemies drop when defeated.
  • Crafting: tweaking this changes crafting systems, weapons, shards and cooking.
  • Shops: tweaks shop settings according to how the Items settings are tweaked.
  • Quests: this setting allows changing Quest rewards.

Players will also be able to generate a “seed” of their randomized game so that it can be written down and kept, or shared with others.

Developer ArtPlay and publisher 505 Games said the “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night” update will arrive May 7 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Switch players will get it later between late May and early June, Gematsu noted.