Boeing's 787 Dreamliner
Boeing's 787 Dreamliner: the world's most efficient commercial jet. Reuters

Shew, that took a few years longer than expected. But on Sunday Boeing had a major achievement, completing the company's first contractual delivery of a 787 Dreamliner.

After several years of delays, Boeing's long-awaited 787 Dreamliner is now a reality beyond production and planning as the company signed the final contract to deliver the world's first lightweight composites jetliner. Boeing sold the aircraft to a Japanese customer -- All Nippon Airways Co.

Boeing's vice president and general manager of the 787 program said the $200 million aircraft was legally transferred to All Nippon Airways, according to Reuters.

The delivery follows three years of delays in Boeing's bold project to build a new type of passenger plane.

The long-range jet is the first all-new plane Boeing has delivered since it sold the first 777 in 1995.

The Dreamliner plane is made of largely plastic composite materials instead of aluminum, typically used.

Boeing says the Dreamliner will provide new solutions for airlines and passengers.

In addition to bringing big-jet ranges to mid-size airplanes, the 787 provides airlines with unmatched fuel efficiency, resulting in exceptional environmental performance, Boeing says in 787 Dreamliner specifications. The airplane uses 20 percent less fuel than today's similarly sized airplanes. It will also travel at a similar speed as today's fastest wide bodies, Mach 0.85. Airlines will enjoy more cargo revenue capacity.

Passengers will also see improvements on the 787 Dreamliner, from an interior environment with higher humidity to increased comfort and convenience.