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Bank of America REUTERS

To the chagrin of thousands, if not millions, of customers, Bank Of America's online banking system was offline for a significant period of time on Tuesday.

It is now in the process of being restored, a company representative said on Twitter.

UPDATE: The issues you may have experienced are being resolved and service is being restored. We appreciate your patience, the representative said on the company's twitter account.

According to several media reports, the company denied that the outage had anything to do with malware. Spokesperson Tara Burke told the Los Angeles Times that the downtime was the result of some weekend service updates. She said for proprietary reasons, they won't get into the details of what that entails.

Bank of America was threatened by hacktivist group Anonymous for cutting off its payments to Wikileaks, but the threat never materialized. That didn't stop one of them from gloating. In a tweet, a BofA representative for said, Bank of America web site goes down, has lingering problems: | We love problems that solve themselves. #Anonymous.

The banking failure could not have come on a worse day for many people, as the first of the month is typically a day when bills are due. Many people went to Twitter to complain about their lack of online banking service.

Bank of America site is down, apparently for the past two days. Can I pay my mortgage please? #BOFA, a user named Isarian tweeted.

Bank of America did not respond to a call for comment.

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