Boston Dynamics’ dog-like robot is back. This time, the technologically advanced quadruped can open and hold doors. 

The SoftBank-owned robotics company took to YouTube Monday to show off the latest development of its SpotMini robotic dog. In the video, the updated dog-like robot is seen opening a door using an articulating arm and clamp. The new SpotMini then held the door to let its arm-less sibling pass through. 

The entire process is very smooth, with the updated SpotMini quickly identifying the handle of the door after marching right in front of it. The arm also has a lot of range as it almost immediately managed to grab the handle and twist it to open the door. Once the door was open, the SpotMini used one of its legs to hold onto the door so the arm could freely switch to the other side. The bot then extended the opening of the door, so its older sibling could swiftly enter. 

It’s worth noting that even after its sibling entered the door, the updated SpotMini was still holding onto the extended door. The robot stretched its arm out in order for its body to pass through before closing the door. The arm only let go of the door once the SpotMini’s body was already inside the room’s premises. 

According to The Verge, the mechanical arm and clamp setup on the updated SpotMini is actually the same one that was used on the older model that was capable of washing dishes. You can view the older model in the 2016 video shown below. 

Boston Dynamics says its SpotMini robot is designed to operate and help people in offices, homes and outdoor settings. Unfortunately, the company did not disclose when the robot will be available. It only shared that the SpotMini is designed to be battery-powered and it can run for about 90 minutes on a single charge.