Hallmark Channel’s merry holiday season continues with the newest “Countdown to Christmas” holiday premiere, “Boyfriends of Christmas Past.” The film, starring Catherine Haena Lim and Raymond Ablack, premieres Saturday night.

Hallmark fans will be in for a special holiday treat with this film, as it marks the first one on the movie featuring both of its stars. Fans likely recognize both stars from other works, (Kim has most notably portrayed Nicolette on “Good Trouble,” Emily Ryder on “FBI” and Kate on “Ballers,” while Ablack is best known for his roles as Nate on “Maid,” Joe on “Ginny & Georgia” and Sav Bhandari on “Degrassi: The Next Generation”); but will be seeing them try their hand at both Hallmark and Christmas movies for the first time here.

According to a synopsis, this particular holiday romance story will have a bit of a Dickensian twist to it, as it follows a premise similar to the one made famous by “A Christmas Carol.”

“Marketing executive Lauren (Kim) has always appreciated her best friend Nate (Ablack),” the synopsis reads. “After all, her father and stepmother adore him and he’s always there to support her with gingerbread and hot cocoa—her favorites. She tries to be there for him, too, and promises to help him decorate the Christmas tree at the community center where he works. However, when Lauren’s office is tasked with putting together a last-minute pitch for a client by Christmas Eve, she backs out.”

This decision winds up being the one that sets Lauren on an unexpected path, as she soon learns that this time, she may have made the most critical mistake of her life.

“That night, she wakes at 2:00 a.m. to a confusing surprise—the boyfriend she’d had as a teenager is in her apartment and hasn’t aged a day,” the synopsis continues. “Just as he warns Lauren, she is soon visited by three more ex-boyfriends, who help her revisit their past Christmases together in hopes of getting her to see the pattern in her relationships.”

As Lauren sees that she was always able to count on Nate, she also learns that a part of her is too scared to recognize that the love of her life is standing right in front of her, and if she doesn’t learn from the mistakes she has made, she could lose him forever.

Will Lauren learn and set herself up for a future of far better holidays?

“Boyfriends of Christmas Past” airs Saturday, Oct. 23 at 8 p.m. EDT on Hallmark Channel.

Boyfriends of Christmas Past
Catherine Haena Kim and Raymond Ablack star in “Boyfriends of Christmas Past.” Crown Media LLC/Albert Camicioli