Fall Harvest is continuing with its penultimate premiere on Hallmark Channel, one that brings lots of romance and sun into the lives of fans who are already missing summer. The film, “South Beach Love,” stars William Levy and Taylor Cole.

Fans will certainly be in for a treat with the film, as they will definitely recognize Cole, who has been a staple for Hallmark over the years. Films have included “Appetite for Love,” “My Summer Prince,” “Christmas in Homestead,” “The Art Of Us,” “Christmas Festival of Ice,” “One Winter Weekend,” “Falling For You,” “One Winter Proposal,” “Matching Hearts” and “One Winter Wedding.” She also starred in Hallmark Movies and Mysteries’ “Unlocking Christmas.”

However, Levy, who may be recognizable as Christian in “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,” Mato on “Star,” and Sebastian Vallejo on “The Scent of Passion,” is a treat for fans, as this will be his first time starring in a Hallmark movie.

In addition, the movie is sure to be a treat because it is based on the book of the same name by bestselling author Caridad Piñeiro. So what can fans expect?

“Sara (Cole) is catering her niece’s quinceañera, but the 15th birthday celebration becomes complicated when her former boyfriend Tony (Levy) returns to Miami to cater his own niece’s quinceañera...taking place the very same weekend,” a synopsis reads. “The situation gets a bit prickly when Sara and Tony are pitted against each other to win the cover of a local magazine. The families who were once close are now at odds over the conflicting quinceañeras, leaving fences to mend if their friendship will be restored.”

However, as they compete and deal with the fallout, Sara and Tony also begin to remember what worked for them in the past as a couple, and as sparks fly, they find themselves wondering if their feelings will be the very thing that helps them mend the broken hearts and bonds between their families.

“As Sara and Tony try to outdo each other and put on the perfect party, will their reunion spark a rivalry or lead them to romance?” the synopsis asks.

“South Beach Love” premieres Saturday, Oct. 9 at 9 p.m. EDT on Hallmark Channel.

South Beach Love
William Levy and Taylor Cole star in “South Beach Love.”  Crown Media United States LLC/Rod Millington