Even as the historic $10.2-billion merger between the German Deutsche Börse AG and the transatlantic NYSE Euronext is finally announced, there continues to be several concerns on both sides of the Atlantic over naming and management control given the strong sense of nationality and pride that is associated with the operation of the NYSE.

While there are suspicions in Germany over the New York faction retaining overall management control under NYSE Euronext Chief Niederauer (who would also head the combined entity), several authorities in the United States fear that the New York Stock Exchange will lose influence given that 10 of the 17 board seats would go to DB members.

As the financial world waits for the emotional, political and regulatory hurdles to be cleared to pave the way for foundation of the world's largest exchange operator, we take a quick look at the rich 220-year history of the New York Stock Exchange in terms of 5 key events that shaped it along the way.