Last week, several promotional materials for a World War 2-era “Call of Duty” game were shared online. Now, sources have confirmed the game will be called “Call of Duty WW2.”

On March 23, YouTube channel The Family Video Gamers shared on their video five promotional materials for “Call of Duty: WW2.” The channel claimed that the images were sent to them by an anonymous source claiming the images are legitimate.

Call of Duty: WW2 Screenshot of one of the alleged leaked promotional materials for "Call of Duty: WW2." Photo: TheFamilyVideoGamers

The photos depict soldiers charging at what looks like a beach. This of course may be showing the Invasion of Normandy in the northern coast of France. There are also two photos showing the game’s box art for its special steelbook.

At the time, some speculated that the images might have been fake. There have been numerous ramblings that “Call of Duty” 2017 was going to be set in World War 2, and someone could have made the images based on those rumors.

Earlier today however, Eurogamer corroborated the rumor stating that “sources have confirmed” that this year’s “Call of Duty” game will indeed be called “Call of Duty: WW2.” The site has also verified that the images shared last week are indeed related to the game. “Call of Duty: WW2” is being developed by Sledgehammer Games, the same team behind 2014’s “Advanced Warfare.”

This will be the first time since 2008’s “Call of Duty: World at War” where the franchise takes place during World War 2. Publisher Activision has since progressively moved forward into the future. Last year’s entry into the franchise, “Infinite Warfare,” was so far out into the future that the game was set in space and other planets.

Activision may have decided to go back to the Second World War after the declining sales of “Infinite Warfare” as it didn’t resonate with fans. “In 2017, Activision will take ‘Call of Duty’ back to its roots and traditional combat will once again take center stage,” Activision COO Thomas Tippl said.

“This is what our dedicated community of ‘Call of Duty’ players and Sledgehammer Games, which has been developing this year's title, are the most excited about.”

There’s no word yet on when exactly “Call of Duty: WW2” will be released. If Activision sticks to its yearly schedule, the new Sledgehammer-helmed title should hit stores this November.