'Call Of Duty Black Ops 2:' Trailer Release Date And Logo Leaked, Why Fans Can Expect More This Month
The next installment in Activision’s first person shooter franchise, “Call of Duty,” may be revealed in the near future, according to a leak over the weekend. A logo for the game with the date April 28th underneath leads fans to believe that more information on the next “Black Ops” will be unveiled soon. Twitter

On May 1st fans were thrilled when Activision finally announced its sequel to 2010's Black Ops, and now a day later details about the campaign are beginning to emerge. Recently Black Ops 2 has been the worst kept secret among the gaming community, with numerous leaks leaving fans expectant and excited rather than surprised.

Developer Treyarch said on the game's official website that they wanted to push the boundaries with the second Black Ops installment and make it more than just a sequel to its predecessor. And with a new Cold War setting, a focused narrative, and a well-received currency system for multiplayer, the game is sure to do just that.

According to Game Informer, Black Ops 2 is likely to take place in 2025 in a war-torn Los Angeles. Gamers will play as David Mason, the son of the first game's protagonist. Players can expect his father, Alex Mason, to make an appearance in flashback sequences set in the 1980s. Frank Woods, who was assumed dead, is also predicted to make a return, but as a very old man according to Treyarch.

The primary foe throughout the campaign will be Raul Menendez, but game director didn't reveal much information about the enemy to Game Informer. However, it has been said that he will be using near-future technology to cause further unrest in the unstable geopolitical climate.

Anthony also sought assistance from David Goyer, known for writing Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, to craft a multi-generational historical fiction storyline, reported Desctructoid.

The first-person gameplay begins with Mason crawling out of a wrecked vehicle after speeding down an L.A. freeway, attempting to outrun an impending drone attack. Barely escaping before the vehicle tumbles an edge, Mason immediately begins sniping distanced enemies.

But players should be weary of the amount of deaths in this Black Ops; in the new title players' choices will have more of an effect on how the campaign plays out. Up until this point, death in the 'Call of Duty' titles has had little meaning or significance, as players could simply restart after dying to try to complete an objective, writes Destructoid's Dale North. This changes with 'Black Ops 2,' as your performance in the game will influence the story in meaningful ways.

The developer has not yet divulged full details on the game's multiplayer, but Design Director David Vonderhaar did reveal some hints and teases. The multiplayer campaign will also take place in 2025 and Treyarch is considering how future technology will also apply to drones and robots, not just weapons.

And of course, the question that many fans have been pondering has also been answered. Yes, the zombies will be returning. No details were given, but Destructoid was told that gamers can expect even more ways to play zombies.

The ninth entry in the Call of Duty franchise, Treyarch is looking to develop the most significant campaign structure yet.

Fans have been calling for the series to make a substantial step forward for several installments now, and all signs point to it happening in this fall's release, writes Game Informer.

Check out the world reveal trailer below.