• A new event is now available on "Call of Duty: Mobile"
  • The Undead Siege mode has Casual and Hard difficulty levels
  • The "call of Duty: Mobile" Undead Siege became available Sunday

The addictive and highly anticipated Zombies mode, Undead Siege, is now live on "Call of Duty: Mobile." For players wondering how to play the casual and hard levels of the new mode, this guide may come in handy.

How to play "Call of Duty: Mobile" Undead Siege

The new Zombies mode is unlike the usual Zombies match. Instead of putting players into a typical round-based battle, the Undead Siege offers something unique and different. Players are dropped into an island infested by zombies and they have to defend the Control Centre, which is owned by Richtofen. The new Zombies mode has two main difficulty levels: casual and hard.

Players can contest the global leaderboard in the hard difficulty level of "Call of Duty: Mobile" Undead Siege. However, winning the hard level of the latest mode is not an easy task. Players have to survive five nights of relentless waves of zombies. 

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To make it even more challenging, players only have two minutes of daylight they could use to collect supplies. Each wave is much more difficult than the previous one. Moreover, different types of zombies increase as the night gets longer.

The casual level of the Undead Siege of "Call of Duty: Mobile" is a little less challenging compared to the hard level. Players only need to survive three nights here. They can also earn rewards.

Other details

In "Call of Duty: Mobile" Undead Siege, each night brings about new obstacles and terrors for players to overcome. They should try this mode in a squad since the Machine gunner or Warden only attacks the base and not the player. Moreover, weapons in this mode include the usual assault rifles and other typical guns.

But, players can also use turrets or even a wrench to eliminate the undead. The new Zombies mode comes with a dedicated Undead Siege Battle Pass with 50 tiers of free rewards. Players have to earn XP by completing challenges to unlock these rewards and progress through the Battle Pass.

The "Call of Duty: Mobile" Undead Siege is a limited-time event. It means players who want to experience this new Zombies mode should try it as soon as possible. According to the latest announcement, the new mode will be available from 8 p.m. ET, Sunday.