“Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare” will reportedly have a massive battle royale mode.

According to TheGamingRevolution -- a YouTuber with a “decently sized channel” as per ComicBook -- “Modern Warfare” will have a battle royale mode. Although the game’s developer didn’t deny the rumor, it didn’t confirm it either, leaving room for people to speculate.

Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare 4 rumored to be released in 2019. Activision

Huge game mode

In a lengthy 22-minute video on YouTube, TGR said the battle royale mode, which is still in development, will be a big one. The devs are said to be aiming to put 200 players on the map at any given time, but as of now they are only able to successfully place 152 players, which leads the leaker to believe that about 150 players can play in any given round.

The map itself is huge enough to accommodate that number of players. The leaker said the map that’s being tested is about two to three times the size of the map in “Blackout.” The devs are also reportedly testing a map where there are no medkits or armor, but players regenerate health automatically and can respawn.

The battle royale mode will have a weapons system different from the one in “Blackout.” The game is said to follow the system “Fortnite” has. Weapons will be differentiated by tiers, and tiers will be determined by colors. The higher the tier a weapon belongs to, the more attachments a player can attach to that weapon. The more attachments there is, the better the weapon will be.

Currently, the battle royale mode is 30% into development. Player will be grouped into squads of four, and will be deployed into the map via huge C-130 planes. The game mode is expected to feature about ten vehicles, but so far only these are being tested: a helicopter, a two-man ATV, a four-person pickup truck, an armored vehicle like an APC, and a two-person Bradley tank.

The developers are also said to work on a new loot box system that is designed to work even if loot boxes are deemed illegal. The new system won’t use real money, but will have players looking for in-game money for use when making in-game purchases.


Of course, all of these details remain unconfirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt. Stay tuned for more updates as they come.