• Shi No Numa and classic wave survival are coming back to "Call of Duty Zombies"
  • The game is getting a katana, combat shield and the new Welgun SMG
  • The update goes live Saturday

The first update for “Vanguard Zombies” this year is set to add some welcome new additions to the game, including a callback to the classic Zombies experience as well as a few new tools to fend off the undead hordes with.

Fans of the classic Zombies mode will be able to get a more traditional experience with the coming return of the Shi No Numa map as well as the new Void mode, which brings back the old wave-based survival gameplay that solidified the status of “Call of Duty Zombies” as one of gaming’s best offerings.

Treyarch laid out their plans for an upcoming patch in their latest blog post, which sheds some light on what fans can expect Saturday.

New Weapons

The Welgun SMG and Katana melee weapon will be available to all players once the update drops, and both can be unlocked by completing some SMG and melee weapon-related challenges. Players will also get to use the new Combat Shield to mitigate damage from the front or back of their characters.

On top of these, Killstreak weapons are also getting added under the Support Menu in the Crafting Table.

The Welgun in Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies
The Welgun in Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Treyarch

Remastered Map and New Game Mode

Shi No Numa is one of the original “WaW Zombies” maps, and it’ll be coming back to “Vanguard” soon. The swamp of death is the mid-season patch’s featured map, and it’ll be tied directly to the new Void Objective mode, which will start a new story quest featuring a new Dark Aether entity. Players will need to unlock Von List’s office in Stalingrad first before they can start this new mode.

The Void objective is basically the classic “Zombies” wave-based survival mode with a twist. Every three rounds, players get the chance to flee or continue fighting. Surviving more rounds will net players more Essence and extra Sacrificial Hearts once they do decide to retreat. Players can return to the Void at any time, even after leaving the first time.

The Tome of Rituals

A mysterious book will soon appear in Stalingrad, which can be used to unlock some upgrades for players. Using Sacrificial Hearts, players can obtain cool abilities that can freeze, stun or burn enemies among other effects.