Women generally have a strong inclination towards long hair and so do actress Cameron Diaz. The 39-year-old actress recently admitted that having to shorten her hair led her to burst into tears.

On Tuesday, the actress told Jay Leno on NBC's The Tonight Show that she never wanted her long blonde tresses to be chopped off. 

The actress, who debuted her new short hairstyle in January, also revealed that she was overcome with emotions when her hairdresser cut her hair.

There was a little misunderstanding. I said, 'Oh I just want a little bit off' ... and it went from here to here, Diaz told Leno.

When Diaz saw her new short hairstyle she became so upset that she started crying. It was one of those moments where I just couldn't ...I just burst into tears and started crying, and I felt so vulnerable. For a woman to all of a sudden have no hair, oh my god, she said.

It was the night before she was leaving to go away for Christmas with her family. It was 10 o'clock at night and we were running around just trying to get in the haircut, she said.

The actress, who wore a black dress for the show, explained to Leno that since the hairdresser was a friend the situation became more awkward.

When asked how she reacted after seeing her new short hair, Diaz said: I yelled at her, I screamed at her. No, she felt really bad. I felt really bad. She started crying. I started crying. A couple other people started crying. I ended up writing her a few e-mails over the next few days assuring her I was OK.