Most people, like a 105-year-old woman, love bacon -- but unlike Pearl Cantrell they don’t claim it’s the key to their good health.

Cantrell made headlines on Tuesday after she claimed the famous American cured meat is the reason she’s lived into her hundreds.

"I love bacon, I eat it every day. I don’t feel as old as I am, that’s all I can say. I love bacon, I could eat it for every meal — and I do," the aged Texan told

Because of her age and her fondness for the savory pork pieces, she received a visit from the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile so they could wish her a happy birthday. She has since became a celebrity for sharing her "amazing secret," the site wrote.

The centenarian, who hails from Richland Springs, Texas, was happy to tell local news stations about her bacon obsession and how it makes everything better.

“We’ve seen a lot of stories on the road, but nothing quite like this one, so we’re excited to be here,” an Oscar Meyer spokesperson told “We know she’s an inspiration. Pearl is an inspiration for the community, and her friends and family. So we had to make a special stop here for her today.”

It will be nearly impossible to find a medical study that says eating bacon for every meal is a good thing, but according to the Atlantic, there’s nothing wrong with keeping daily meat consumption to under 20 grams. In fact, it could prevent about 3 percent of premature deaths a year.