• France and Canada have received aid from China in fighting COVID-19
  • Both countries confirm that this aid holds no sway in the Huawei 5G deal
  • Both countries have yet to make a decision

The Chinese government is currently sending some medical help to Canada and France. However, both countries have yet to decide if they will use Huawei’s technology for their 5G infrastructure. Even with the help, both Canada and France confirmed that it would not hold any sway on their decisions.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau confirmed that the donations will not have any influence on the country’s choice in taking the 5G deal, CNBC reported. Meanwhile, the official Twitter page of the French embassy in the U.S. confirmed that President Emmanuel Macron and President Xi Jinping have yet to discuss anything about the donated masks and the 5G deal. At best, both Canada and France are still considering whether or not they will be using Huawei technology for their 5G infrastructure.

The U.S. government remains firm in its stance of dissuading its allies in using Huawei’s 5G technology. It believes that other countries using the technology would be welcoming a security risk in their country as China could use the technology for espionage. However, the Chinese government has long denied these allegations.

As of now, many countries are fighting off the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak which has already slowed down business operations throughout the globe. Every country is glad to receive any aid in their fight against the virus. Nevertheless, other issues are still on the table and it remains that Huawei has yet to secure all of its deals with other countries. So far, the United Kingdom is one of its few that have already decided to use Huawei’s 5G technology. Meanwhile, other countries have yet to decide.

Huawei helped China gain the patent top spot
Huawei helped China gain the patent top spot AFP / Fred DUFOUR