• Campcom recently announced "Street Fighter V" Champion Edition arriving in Feb. 2020
  • Many fans believe the arrival of Seth as DLC character and the Champion Edition hint the announcement of "Street Fighter VI" 
  • Capcom might be holding off the announcement of "Street Fighter VI" for the arrival of the next generation gaming consoles next year

Following an exciting conclusion of this year’s Capcom Cup, the unexpected release of Gill, and the latest balance patch, the Japanese video game publisher and developer seems to be wasting no time. But, Capcom announced last weekend some changes coming to the competition next year, including the 2020 champion not automatically qualifying for the 2021 tournament. The same thing happened in 2016, which, according to wccftech, could be hinting that “Street Fighter VI” would be released just in time for Capcom 2021.

The recent moves from the Japanese video game developer, as well as historical precedent, reveal that the “Street Fighter V” might be approaching its grand finale, says The Gamer. The upcoming Champion Edition might serve as the final run of the current title before the next generation gaming consoles arrive, and probably, “Street Fighter VI” with them, the site adds. Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono also mentioned that updates for “Street Fighter V” next year would be minimal because the game will be one of the events in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition
“Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” is arriving next week. Capcom

It is possible that the add-on is arriving in Feb. 2020 will serve as the finished product for “Street Fighter V,” says The Gamer. Maybe Capcom is holding off “Street Fighter VI” and will be its announcement at 2020’s finale.“Street Fighter V” is also anticipated to release a new DLC character in Feb. 2020. “Street Fighter IV” boss Seth is expected to arrive alongside the Champion Edition.

The “Street Fighter V” Champion Edition will include all the contents released for the popular fighting video game since it was officially released.

It’s time for Seth, the boss character from Street Fighter IV, to return and bring his kingdom of chaos to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition! A master move mimicker, Seth constantly seeks new data from the fiercest fighters in the world and has the unique ability to steal moves from an opponent. Seth takes form when Street Fighter V: Champion Edition releases on February 14, 2020!