• "You have made like 10 videos of me disrespecting and picking one me," Cardi B wrote.
  • Emmuhlu accused the rapper of "attacking" her appearance
  • Emmuhlu has since deleted her Instagram page

Cardi B publicly criticized TikToker Emmuhlu for allegedly using racist slurs in her videos and repeatedly discussing about her in the latter's videos.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, the rapper called Emmuhlu out and also posted a link to one of the TikToker’s videos in which she was seeing using the "N" word.

"Fish lips is this you? Please keep my name out of your mouth. You disguise yourself as a person that love black female artist, but you a real life racist," the rapper tweeted.

In another tweet, she explained why she posted the previous clip.

"Been talking about me for months, b---h probably want my skin color... Then disguise herself as a black female rapper stan to hide her racism and gain followings... Like goodbye pita bread lip having," she tweeted.

She then went on to accuse the TikToker of using mental illness as a defense mechanism for criticizing celebrities.

"She wants to talk about mental illness after she got expose for being a RACIST sloth. Meal illness, depression, is real, but I don't buy it from bitches that talk shit and fake bully celebs then start crying mental illness," she wrote.

Following this, the TikToker took to Instagram to accuse the rapper of "attacking" her appearance.

“Me, now, I'm 18 years old. So she's attacking a teenage girl's appearance over a sily video. It was a joke. You're 26 years old like, why are you doing that? Why? I actually genuinely am sorry that I made a joke at her expense,” she said on Instagram Live.

"You have made like 10 videos of me disrespecting and picking one me. If you experience bullying, depression, if you know who you are, why do you do it to others? I am a person too! I got feelings too! My feelings get hurt too! So it's OK to pick on people on the internet for shock value? And when I stand up for myself, I got to be mindful that you are 18? You don't gotta pick on people for attention. S--t is wack," the rapper wrote in an Instagram comment.

Replying to the comment, Emmuhlu wrote, "Again, I'm sorry that I made a joke at your expense. Most of the videos that I made about you were just me saying I love Nicki Minaj better. I didn't personally attack you or your appearance or even your character as a human being."

She also apologized for using the racist slur.

"I would never say the n-word to anybody maliciously or as a 'joke.' Who you see in those videos is a 14-year-old person in 2016 who thought it was hysterical to say blatantly offensive things. I've written a lot of statements and apologized, and will continue to apologize and learn. That's all I can do. But bottom line is THAT IS NOT WHO I AM. I am not racist," she wrote. She has since deleted her Instagram page.

Cardi B
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