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Taking care of elders can prove to be a trying experience, both physically and mentally. It's difficult being away from a loved one who suffers from memory loss, or early dementia.

In its quest to provide high-quality care for senior citizens, the health company CarePredict is introducing a convenient and somewhat poetic way to connect with older loved ones, ensuring that they are getting the care they need.

CareVoice, which will be shown at CES 2022, offers reassurance to your loved one right to their Tempo wristband, which perceives daily changes in their activity. By setting daily reminders, consumers can rest easy knowing that no matter where they are, staying connected with older loved ones has never been easier.

Through CareVoice, consumers can also send instant messages and share audio clips or music to emphasize their adoration and consideration for their elders.

"Tell them you love them. Send them gentle reminders that assist with their day-to-day activities," CarePredict said in a video showcasing CareVoice. "Let them know you care with CareVoice."

CareVoice can prove to be instrumental in not just making sure elders are getting the care they need but also reassuring the power of family.

CareVoice can prove to be instrumental in not just setting reminders, but sending encouraging messages that reassure the power of family. CarePredict