While “Carrie,” starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore, was set to liven up the spring release schedule, that’s no longer the case. The debut of the upcoming remake of 1976 horror flick has been pushed from March to Oct. 18.

According to Indie Wire, aside from the premiere now being closer to Halloween, it’s unclear why the Kimberly Peirce-directed film has been postponed.

Since delays often indicate a lackluster project in need of reworking, “Carrie” could very well be another tepid remake.

Within the last 15 years, studios have recycled horror films released during the 1960s and early '80s -- a period in which the genre reached new heights. This has led to the release of countless uninventive and poorly developed films.

Here are the five of the worst horror remakes in recent years.

5. “Halloween” (2007)

It was marketed as Rob Zombie’s “unique vision of a legendary tale,” but the 2007 remake of the 1978 classic “Halloween” turned out to be a nightmare for all the wrong reasons.

Richard Harrington of the Washington Post noted that the film “Contains dialogue so nasty and stupid, you'd swear (right along with the characters) that the booker for Jerry Springer wrote it.”

4. “The Wicker Man” (2006)

“In the Company of Men” and “Nurse Betty” led to director Neil LaBute being recognized as an exciting and inventive storyteller. His reworking of “The Wicker Man” put a stop to that.

While some critics gave LaBute credit for attempting to execute an intriguing spin on Anthony Shaffer’s 1973 cult classic, the unintentionally funny film failed to employ any of the exciting narrative techniques that the first one did. Nicholas Cage's bumbling performance didn't help much, either.

3. “When a Stranger Calls” (2006)

The original 1979 version of “When a Stranger Calls” has long been considered one of the scariest movies of all time. Director Simon West’s updated version is considered one of the worst.

Much of the film’s failure was due to the fact that the shocking twist that floored viewers of the original version was revealed in the remake's trailer. And the film itself offered little to nothing in the way of thrills.

“Instead of wondering where the killer will pop up next,” Matt Singer of the Village Voice said, “you'll ponder why these serial murdering types always seem to wear black jumpsuits and steel-toed boots and breathe like asthmatics who just lost their medication.”

2. “The Fog” (2005)

John Carpenter’s hit 1980 film “The Fog” was both atmospheric and gripping, but the 2005 version, directed by Rupert Wainwright, is considered to be among worst remakes in film history.

Still, despite the film earning a score of 5 percent rotten on Rotten Tomatoes, it managed to take in $29 million at the box office. Unfortunately, the film’s semi-successful theatrical run led studios to bank on a slew of other unwatchable remakes such as “Prom Night” and “The Stepfather.”

1. “Psycho” (1998)

An abysmal shot-for-shot remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 classic “Psycho” will forever remain a stain on Gus Van Sant’s career.

Rumor has it that the director pitched the film “ironically” but following the success of “Good Will Hunting” was given the funds by Universal Pictures to actually execute the project.

J. Hoberman of the Village Voice was one of many critics to tear the film apart and concluded that the film “lacks the chutzpah to even be a travesty.”