• GSW-H1000 is Casio's first Wear OS-powered G-Shock watch
  • It comes with the toughness that G-Shock watches are known for
  • It is pre-loaded with 15 activities and software support for 24 workout options
  • It has Google Assistant, Google Fit and can download apps from Google Play

Casio will launch its first-ever Wear OS-powered G-Shock. This will be the iconic watchmaker's expansion to one of Google's famous Android operating systems for smartwatches.

On April 1, Casio officially announced that it is launching the GSW-H1000, its first Wear OS-powered smartwatch. In an announcement posted on the Casio website, the company said the H100 is the newest addition to the G-Squad lineup of G-Shock watches.

Casio promises that this flagship product of the G-Squad lineup will come with the toughness expected from a G-Shock watch. The GSW H-1000 is suited for various activities such as snowboarding or surfing, no wonder it is classified as a fitness-focused wearable.

Thanks to its optical sensor, the watch will be capable of measuring its wearer's heart rate. It also comes with an accelerometer, gyro meter, a GPS, an altitude and air pressure sensor and a built-in compass.

Casio also packed it with G-Shock's iconic shock resistance capability. It features a water-resistance level of up to 200 meters deep with its 1.2-inch 360 x 360 dual-layer display. It is worth noting, however, that the thick display does not compromise the watch's touch sensitivity as it is still capable to facilitate a smooth touch-sensitive control.

GSW-H100's back case is made from titanium, a corrosion-resistant material, for added durability. Casio also enhanced its abrasion resistance capability through its titanium carbide finish.

The famous watchmaker said the flagship smartwatch will be available in blue, red and black. Each watch will come with a urethane band and added special components between the band and its case to ensure a flexible fit.

Outside, the latest G-Shock will have a microphone and a charging terminal. Its battery can last up to 36 hours when used with a color display. It can go up to a month on basic functions, such as timekeeping and sensors. According to The Verge, it will take about three hours to fully charge its battery.

The first Wear OS-powered G-Shock comes pre-loaded with 15 activities and built-in software support for 24 indoor workout options. Because it is powered by Google, users may take advantage of its Google Assistant and Google Fit support, plus the option to download apps from Google Play.

Casio said the GSW-H100 will sell at £599 or $830. However, the company has not given any release date yet, CNET said in a report.

Casio G-Shock G-Squad line up Pixabay