Cave Story
“Cave Story+” for the Nintendo Switch will come with co-op multiplayer mode. Steam/Nicalis

“Cave Story+” for the Nintendo Switch is coming to the U.S. this June. The new version of the classic game will feature a co-op mode, enhanced graphics and a couple of new stages.

Game publisher Nicalis continues to build up the hype over the upcoming Switch version of “Cave Story+.” The company has now revealed that players will be able to enjoy the game with their friends since the new game will have multiplayer support. Nicalis has also teased of the new things that will come with the forthcoming platform-adventure game at launch.

Co-Op Mode

As previously mentioned, Nicalis has confirmed that the new “Cave Story+” will allow multiple users to play the game simultaneously. The publisher has actually given a sneak peek at how this co-op mode looks like. A screenshot shared via Twitter shows two players in one screen. Unfortunately, Nicalis did not indicate if this will be a single—screen co-op, or if players need to have their own Switch to be part of the joint adventure. What’s clear is that this feature won’t be available at launch. Instead, players will have to wait for a free update to arrive in late summer to access this mode.

Graphical Tweaks

Given that this is a new version of a dated game, it is not surprising that its developer, Studio Pixel, is enhancing its graphics. Last month, Nicalis announced that Switch players can definitely expect “additional subtle graphic improvements.” There’s no exact information on how “subtle” these graphical tweaks are going to be, but the pre-order page on Amazon states that the game has “upgraded HD graphics.”

Cave Story screenshot
Cave Story screenshot Amazon/Cave Story

New Stages

This new release is not complete without new content. Nicalis founder Tyrone Rodriguez has previously teased that players will see “a few bonuses that were never seen before” when they get their hands on the Switch port, as first reported by Eurogamer. A previously released statement from the publisher also mentioned “free content updates” and “a few bonuses” and these could be referring to the new stages as well.

Cave Story screenshot 2
Cave Story screenshot 2 Amazon/Cave Story
Cave Story screenshot 3
Cave Story screenshot 3 Amazon/Cave Story

Pre-order & Other Details

“Cave Story+” will be available both physically and digitally. For gamers who want to pre-order a copy, they can check out Amazon or GameStop. Based on the product pages of the game, the Switch version comes with the following:

  • Upgraded HD graphics (mentioned earlier)
  • 7 play modes (including Wind Fortress, Boss Rush and more)
  • Over 20 epic boss battles through Mimiga Island
  • 15 levels to explore in the vast world
  • 10 unique weapons to find and upgrade
  • 4 unique endings

Game Description

For those who are still not familiar with the famous indie game, here is its official game description:

Run, jump, shoot, fly, and explore your way through a massive action-adventure reminiscent of classic 8- and 16-bit games. Take control and learn the origins of this world's power, stop the delusional villain and save the Mimiga!

The cult classic metroidvania “Cave Story+” is slated for release in the U.S. on June 20, 2017. More information about the $29.99 game will be released in the coming weeks, according to a new Twitter update from Nicalis.