• Misaka Mikoto and Doppelganger continue their battle
  • Mikoto gets assistance from her friends
  • "A Certain Scientific Railgun T" Episode 25 is set to be broadcasted Friday

Doppelganger and Misaka Mikoto’s battle on the airship will reach its conclusion in "A Certain Scientific Railgun T" Episode 25, which is titled "My Dear Friends."

Mikoto gets help from her friends as she takes on the formidable Doppelganger who hates humans.

Doppelganger’s last attempt to get back at Mikoto is burning the entire city. However, in "A Certain Scientific Railgun T" Episode 25, Mikoto will give her all to defeat the evil Doppelganger for good.

In the previous "A Certain Scientific Railgun T" episode, Doppelganger is destroying the city using her giant monster. Mikoto decides to go up against the monster.

However, Doppelganger’s monster is unbeatable for Mikoto in her current form. Mikoto utilizes her technique and creates a monster using iron sand.

Mikoto states her monster made of iron sand can cut through the opponent’s monster.

Later, Doppelganger decides to drop a high-pressure gas tank on the city. However, Mikoto manages to blast it mid-air. Doppelganger is impressed by Mikoto’s blasting abilities and levels up by hurling three tanks simultaneously.

Mikoto blasts all three gas tanks in such a way that they explode up into the sky without causing any damage to the city.

Doppelganger starts dividing herself and makes several duplicates. Later, Ryoko arrives at the scene and tries to negotiate with Doppelganger. After Ryoko fails to convince her, the former decides to jump from the airship but members of the Scavengers save her.

During the episode, it is revealed Doppelganger is using artificial muscles that combine the characteristics of slime mods and zombie ant parasites. The components are known to self-propagate and get into materials at a micro-level. Moreover, the artificial muscles can control the host.

Doppelganger is no ordinary artificial intelligence and for some odd reason, she despises humans and their ability to feel emotions. The new episode will continue the fight between Mikoto and Doppelganger, and fans might learn more about this intelligent artificial being.

"A Certain Scientific Railgun T" Episode 25 will be aired Friday. Fans can watch the episode through live streaming on Crunchyroll.

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