We've all been in that situation when you are on the go and your treasured electronic - phone, iPad, computer - dies at the most inopportune time.

You aren't at an office or home so you can't just plug in to a wall outlet, but instead appear to be out of luck with no battery life remaining in your treasured iPhone 4S. But the times of being unable to charge your battery on the go appear to be over with the Powerbag, a bag that can charge up to four electronics at the same.

Powerbag, produced by RFA Brands, showed off its impressive line of different bags at the 2012 International CES show in Las Vegas this week. The company initially released bags in October, but continues to improve upon the devices in order to meet the needs of the electronics needy traveler on the go.

The bags range from $139 for a simple backpack to $249 for a backpack with wheels and tons of battery available. As of January 2012, the company has three main units: the Fuel collection, the Executive collection, and the newly released Urban collection meant to appeal to younger demographics.

The company's newest offering is a cool messenger bag that can charge up your most needed electronics, while still looking hip enough to fit in at any major city. The bag is relatively light weight, mostly because the company has improved upon its main battery and made it extremely slim.

It takes approximately one hour to charge the battery up for the bag and then it simply depends on how many devices you plug in for how long it will take to charge your electronics. If you only have one item plugged in, it would take the same amount of time as plugging it into a reliable wall outlet, according to a Powerbag spokesperson.

The bags are available at Best Buy, Office Max, Amazon.com, and other electronics retailers. If you are as reliant on electronics as this reporter, the Powerbag is an absolute must buy.