Mimic Track - Pet
The Mimic Track can help keep an eye on pets if they ever wander off Smart Mimic

The only thing worse than losing something is if it gets stolen. Nobody knows that better than company Smart Mimic, which is creating a line of products to not only help locate misplaced items but also help track down thieves to get items back. At CES 2021 the company has unveiled the Mimic Track, the latest way to keep track of your possessions.

Mimic Track - Side View
A look at the Mimic Track bar Smart Mimic

The Mimic Track is a small block that can be placed just about anywhere from in a bag or backpack, to on a bike, and even on a dog’s collar. The Mimic Track then provides information to the Smart Mimic app about any unexpected movements. If anything seems amiss, the Mimic Track will silently alert its owner and provide location information on where it currently is.

The Mimic Track is capable of detecting motion across three axes, can detect any impacts or shocks, and even has a way to monitor temperature. The Mimic Track communicates to the Smart Mimic app via both Bluetooth and LoRaWAN. The latter is a low-energy, long-distance method of transmitting data that can actually find other networks to latch onto to keep sending a signal. That means the Mimic Track can still provide reliable information even if it’s somewhat far away.

Mimic Track Features
An example of the Smart Mimic app and a number of suggested uses for the Mimic Track Smart Mimic

The best part? The Mimic Track doesn’t require any subscription fees. All you need to do is buy the product and set it up. The Mimic Track features a rechargeable battery that can last for months on a single charge and even works when outside the range of Bluetooth without the need for a SIM card.

The Mimic Track joins Smart Mimic’s other product, the Mimic GO. The Mimic GO provides similar motion activity information but is better suited for one specific location. An example given for the Mimic GO’s best use case is monitoring an office or other secure room. If the Mimic GO detects motion in the room, it’ll alert its owner. Additionally, the Mimic GO has a 120dB alarm it can sound to help deter intruders. For reference, a lawn mower is typically around 90dB and a loud rock concert can get up to 120dB.

Mimic GO - Room
The Mimic Go can be subtly and securely installed to monitor activity in a room Smart Mimic

The Mimic GO is available right now for $89.90, and a pack of five Mimic GO sensors is also available for $349.90. The Mimic Track has not been released yet but is expected to be available later this year. No pricing information on the Mimic Track has been revealed just yet.