The Hedgehog packs a surprising amount of cyber security power in its cute, little frame Zobi


  • The Zobi Hedgehog provides cyber security protection by monitoring Wi-Fi networks and blocking suspicious activity
  • The Hedgehog can also be used to create easy guest Wi-Fi networks, prioritize internet access for specific devices and more
  • Zobi Hedgehogs are available for a pre-order price of $135.55, but that price will more than double once the promotional period ends

Digital privacy is only going to get more and more important as more devices get connected to the internet. That’s why company Zobi has created the Hedgehog, a small device that monitors Wi-Fi networks to ensure nobody is accessing things they shouldn’t be.


The Hedgehog is an unassuming little device that can be easily stored on a counter or shelf. Once hooked up, the Hedgehog monitors a Wi-Fi network and uses AI to detect any unusual or suspicious activity, or unknown devices trying to log in. If anything seems dangerous, the Hedgehog will block it and prevent it from accessing any private information. The Hedgehog will even scan a network to detect any security holes or vulnerabilities.

The Zobi Hedgehog is small and discreet enough that it can be tucked just about anywhere in your home Zobi

That security alone would make the Hedgehog a worthwhile device, but it does much more than just keep Wi-Fi networks safe. The Hedgehog can also be used to create limited guest Wi-Fi networks that don’t require any passwords. These guest networks can even be set with a time limit to provide just enough internet access before any malicious activity can occur. This is a great way for someone to share their Wi-Fi access while knowing they are safe from any potential hacks or breaches of data.

The Hedgehog has even more features that aren’t as focused on security. For example, the Hedgehog can be used to prioritize internet access for specific devices or apps. This is ideal if you happen to have work meetings while someone else may be home streaming Netflix. The computer used for work can be prioritized to ensure that no Zoom calls are dropped or image quality slips. Additionally, the Hedgehog can be used to compare your internet speed with those around you and can be used to determine if there are any service outages in your area.

The Hedgehog currently has two different color options, orange and midnight blue Zobi

That’s a lot for one little device, which makes the price even more impressive. The Hedgehog will sell for around $340 but is available right now at a pre-order special price of only $135.55. That’s well over half off the full price. As an added bonus, the Hedgehog does not require any subscription or additional fees to operate.

A specific shipping date has not been confirmed for the Hedgehog just yet, but the Zobi website has mentioned that units should start shipping to those who pre-ordered in early 2021. It is likely that once the Hedgehog starts shipping the price will jump up to its $340 price tag.