[BADGE] Samsung the Odyssey Ark, a massive curved monitor, during CES 2022


  • Odyssey Ark is a 4K gaming monitor with a 55-inch, 16:9 wide screen
  • The monitor can be tilted 90 degrees for a portrait view
  • The Ark is equipped with Samsung's Multi-View tech

Later this year, Samsung will be launching the latest in their lineup of curved gaming monitors, this time offering some slick new features that users won’t find anywhere else.

The Samsung Odyssey Ark is a huge, 55-inch 4K monitor that definitely caught our attention during the company’s keynote presentation in CES 2022. As one of their newest gaming-related solutions scheduled for this year, it’s hard to not get excited over what the new Ark can bring to the table.

Samsung’s Odyssey line of monitors have always been meant for gamers, offering superb picture quality with modern ergonomics that help players stay comfortable during their gaming sessions. The Odyssey Ark takes this to the next level not only just in its sheer size, but also the amazing tech that’s working behind the scenes.

Odyssey Ark’s 55-inch screen isn’t just for show. The entire monitor can be oriented either horizontally or vertically to cater to the specific needs of its users. With a 16:9 screen ratio, many gamers will feel right at home with this monitor when it’s set horizontally. However, the Ark starts to truly shine in its vertical configuration.

Conventional gaming setups typically won’t be able to allow for such a long monitor to stand vertically, but the Odyssey Ark compensates for this with its proprietary stand that allows for surprising level of flexibility. The monitor’s height and offset angle can be adjusted to a surprising degree, allowing users to find their own sweet spot.

Propping the Odyssey Ark up does have its practical use. The monitor is equipped with Samsung’s Multi View feature that lets users open up several windows at once, which opens up an added layer of usefulness that’s great for multitaskers.

Samsung the Odyssey Ark, a massive curved monitor, during CES 2022
Samsung the Odyssey Ark, a massive curved monitor, during CES 2022 Samsung

Each open window can be dragged and places anywhere on the screen, letting users adjust their view on the fly. This essentially equates to using multiple monitors at once, making the Odyssey Ark a great option for streamers and gamers who like having multiple windows open.

YouTuber Tim Schofield managed to get a closer look at the Odyssey Ark, showcasing how the monitor looks and feels in person.

The Odyssey Ark is capable of displaying bright and colorful images while taking full advantage of its 4K resolution capabilities. On the outside, the monitor boasts a fine, sleek design with somewhat of a sharp curve. Gamers who are used to playing on a curved 16:9 monitor should have no issues adjusting to the Ark regardless of how large it is, but its portrait orientation can offer a completely new experience that even the seasoned gamer can find refreshing.

There’s currently no concrete release window for the Odyssey Ark as of yet, nor are there details regarding refresh rates and software compatibility, but what Samsung has shown is definitely worth recognizing as one of CES 2022’s best. It takes the bulky design of the previous Odyssey models and transforms it into a modern marvel that’s capable of some truly amazing feats for a gaming monitor.