Although video games are often criticized for keeping children indoors, their ability to bring people together will forever remain timeless. In an effort to emphasize the best of both worlds, the educational software company Picoo premiered the first outdoor game console for children at CES 2022. 

Picoo is a portable and screenless console optimized for outdoor play. A fascinating link between technology and classic outdoor activities, it includes a range of classic games like Whack-a-Mole and Hide-and-Seek. No Wi-Fi connection is needed to play, only requiring a connection to the Picoo smartphone app (iOS and Android) and access to Bluetooth. 

Based on how well a child performs in a specific game, Picoo will optimize the challenge and automatically balance gameplay. 

The battery life for Picoo devices could use improvement, however, as they take four hours to fully charge and offer an average of just four hours of continuous play.

“Children are healthier and happier when playing actively together, and Picoo’s lack of a screen is 100% by design,”  Picoo CEO and co-founder Iris Soute said. “[It] helps them to build bonds with other kids in the outdoors and reduces the risk of obesity and long-term health issues.”

You can pick up a Picoo starter set for $249 from

The "hands-on" Picoo console will be unveiled at the Venetian Expo, Booth #61928, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from Jan. 5-8.

badge-picoo_photo Based on how well a child performs in a specific game, Picoo will optimize the challenge and automatically balance gameplay. Photo: Picoo