Weather patterns and climate changes will be able to decide how, when, and where clean energy will be gathered and stored.

This is a problem that Ocean Battery solves.

Ocean Battery can store excess energy from wind turbines or floating solar farms at sea, based on hydro-dam technology. The battery is a pumped hydro system that supplies eco-friendly utility-scale energy storage up to the gigawatts per hour scale.


The system pumps water from rigid reservoirs into the flexible bladders of the seabed to store energy, then stores it as potential energy as water under high pressure. If there is a demand for power, the water flows back through flexible bladders to the lower pressure rigid reservoirs.

It works by driving multiple hydro turbines to generate electricity and works at existing and newly created offshore wind farms.

Using the technology, the Ocean Battery can guarantee up to 80% efficiency and a decades-long lifetime. The technology is also sustainable and eco-friendly and does not require raw earth materials. It also uses clean water as the energy carrier and is structurally designed to enhance marine life.

Ocean Battery and products like it that focus on capturing the energy and storing it for a rainy day will help to usher in that future.

Over the next few years, the transition to a renewable carbon-neutral energy future requires the transition to clean energy, and energy storage will dictate the movement towards this future, as well. An oversupply of energy will result in negative energy prices and blackouts, which creates a market excess of $200 billion for energy storage.

Ocean Grazer is a Netherlands-based company that develops hybrid solutions for the offshore renewable energy sector. Their product, the Ocean Battery, has received an honorary CES 2022 Innovation Award.

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