Cell phone signal boosting technology is highly desired in remote areas, so SureCall’s Fusion4Home Max Cell Phone Signal Booster makes significant gains in boosting a mobile phone’s signal.

SureCall designed it to extend the radius of coverage beyond the coverage limit of any area in North America and works for cell, text, and data. The device received a CES 2022 Honorary Innovation Award and is FCC-approved.


Fusion4Home has 2XP tech, doubling the uplink transmission power which supports cell signals, and hotspots, in the weakest environments. The technology is compatible with 4G and 5G devices and all North American cell carriers. It also reduces the likelihood of dropped or missed calls and increases data speeds, creating crystal clear call quality for the user.

This also extends the phone's battery life and improves the streaming ability of mobile devices in remote areas. The signal produced by the device is based on the signal strength outside the environment.

However, the use of the device requires registration with the wireless provider and their consent. SureCall Fusion4Home has modifications to the device meant for both mid-sized and rural homes but can also be used in offices, cars, trucks, RVs, or commercial spaces.

The booster is placed on the roof to overcome signal loss, then supplies a larger coverage area and a stronger signal is sent to the cell tower. The device's range is up to 4,000 square feet. Multiple components come with the device including adaptations that allow it to work outside and inside.

On Amazon, the product is available for $287.98. SureCall also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and there are no recurring fees. SureCall is a company that manufactures signal boosters and is based in Fremont, California.

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