VM-Fi is designed for the smart audio group tour business and is a device that does not require internet access. It can also translate to many people in a short amount of time.

The goal of the device is the end of the world's communication barrier. It is a CES Innovation Awards 2022 honoree.


Audiences use their smartphones to connect to VM-Fi and listen to an audio tour without Wi-Fi. It is also a cheaper choice than simultaneous interpreters, which some small/medium-sized businesses cannot afford. These interpreters are also typically time-consuming to set up before, during, and after an event.


VM-Fi is a one-device solution that can broadcast to 100 audiences in a venue. The setup takes 10 minutes.

The device has a radius of 50 m and uses a group of smartphones to become a group communication device. The guide has the main device that can reach the remaining group and translate the speech into the right language. Both the VM-Fi main device and the app installed on receiving smartphones are necessary for the translation service to work.

Using a microphone input, the AI Cloud Translation then translates the speech into the device’s wireless broadcast which then transmits to the waiting smartphones through an app.

While it was meant for the tourism industry, it can be used in a variety of settings including education, business and factory tours, and during conferences.

VM-Fi is the "world's first" real-time IoT solution without internet requirements. With 5G, the translation time is quick and can service more devices. The device also has a long-lasting 12-hour battery for non-stop continuous service.

VM-Fi Inc. is an information technology and service company based in Taipei City, Taiwan.