Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum fans will get to see, er, a lot of him in "The Vow." Reuters

Channing Tatum stripped down for his role in The Vow, which hits theaters on Friday, but don't expect to see all of him at once.

Tatum confessed to E! that he was fine with revealing his derrière, but wasn't so cool with a scene that involved him taking off his shirt.

It was very gratuitous, Tatum told E! It was like, 'Do I really need to have my shirt off to take out the garbage while eating a piece of pizza and picking up a cat?' Shirtless? Was that really necessary?

He didn't feel the same way about the rear shot.

That wasn't gratuitous, he told E! That was necessary.

The Vow director Michael Sucsy admitted to E! that yes, the shirtless scene was intended to keep the fans happy.

It seems as if more scripts are calling for male actors to show off their bodies.

Chris Evans showed off his fit physique quite a bit in the 2011 Anna Faris comedy What's Your Number?

He confessed in an interview with Digital Spy that he didn't realize just how much that physique would show up in the movie.

It really didn't really hit me -- the magnitude, the volume of it -- until I saw the film and I thought 'Man, I'm naked a lot in this movie,' he said, adding that it never felt gratuitous or unnecessary. It always felt like it was in the name of comedy. And then when I finally saw the film strung together I thought 'Oh man, this is going to be the only thing I'm going to get asked about in press.' And it has been so far.

Those who are hoping to see more of this kind of stuff have a certain summer movie to look forward to: the male stripper saga Magic Mike, which hits theaters on June 29.

The movie stars Tatum and a slew of other hunky actors, including Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Matthew McConaughey, British hunk Alex Pettyfer, and Adam Rodriguez.

Bomer joked about preparing for that movie with Entertainment Weekly, specifically about being waxed: I have a newfound appreciation for women, between the waxing, self-tanning, the constant gym time; I have a whole new profound respect for women and what they go through.