• Charlbi Dean died due to sudden illness at 32
  • Dean's fiancé, Luke Volker, shared a heartfelt video post on Instagram
  • Dean was known for her works in "Triangle of Sadness" and "Black Lightning"

After the untimely demise of actress Charlbi Dean Monday, her fans, people from the industry, and her close ones remained in shock. However, several online messages and comments connected the 32-year-old star's death to COVID-19 vaccines.

Alex Jacobs, Dean's brother, rubbished the absurd antivax theory surrounding her sister's tragic death.

"That's not the first bandwagon you need to jump on. I think that's completely ridiculous and extremely naïve," Jacobs told Rolling Stone in an interview.

Jacobs recalled Dean was in New York with her fiancé, Luke Volker, when she suddenly started experiencing symptoms and asked Volker to take her to the hospital. However, the South African actress and model passed away a few hours after her admission.

Jacobs revealed how it all happened in such a short span of time. The actress started getting a headache and went to sleep, but later she woke up Volker and asked him to take her to the emergency room.

"We still aren't entirely sure (what happened). There's an autopsy being done which we know might take quite a while. But what we have heard is that there was a viral infection in her lungs," Jacobs said.

During the interview, he also mentioned that his family is worried about Volker who was with Dean in her last moments.

"I can't imagine what it would have been like, being there. My mom's biggest worry was that she was going to die alone. He was with her, as close as he could be," the 21-year-old said.

Meanwhile, Volker, who is grieving the passing of his girlfriend, took to social media and shared a video acknowledging all the love and condolence messages he is getting from people across the world following Dean's demise.

"Hi, everyone. I wanted to just post a picture of Charlbi, but it is a bit hard," Volker said in his Instagram video post on Wednesday.

"I just wanted to let you know I see all your messages, all the love and I appreciate it, I really do. It is just I can't reply to them right now. But thank you, guys. I appreciate it. I love you."

The up-and-coming starlet, Dean, who was in the spotlight for her work in "Triangle of Sadness," passed away due to sudden illness.

Dean was also known for her portrayal of Syonide in "Black Lightning."

Model Charlbi Dean and Woody Harrelson star in the knife-sharp satire 'Triangle of Sadness' in which class roles are overturned
Model Charlbi Dean and Woody Harrelson star in the knife-sharp satire 'Triangle of Sadness' in which class roles are overturned AFP / Julie SEBADELHA