Charles LeClerc became the youngest Formula 1 race winner for Ferrari this past weekend at the Belgian Grand Prix at the age of 21. He beat the record held by Jacky Ickx who became the youngest Ferrari race winner at 23 and held the record for over 50 years.

LeClerc became Formula 1’s, 108th different race winner and joined a distinguished list of drivers that won their first Grand Prix in a Ferrari.

He is not the youngest ever Formula 1 race winner though. That title went to Max Verstappen as part of the Red Bull team at the age of 18 in 2016.

Others have crossed the threshold at equally young years like Lewis Hamilton, at 22 in 2007, Kimi Raikkonen at 23 in 2003 and Bruce McLaren at 22 in 1959.

Younger drivers do not necessarily have a monopoly when it comes to Formula 1 victories. Piero Taruffi won the Switzerland Grand Prix at 45 years in 1952. Maurice Trintignant won the Monaco race at 37 three years later.

LeClerc’s victory has brought him significantly more attention than before.

Previously attention was focused on Max Verstappen or Sebastian Vettel as the possible contenders to upset Hamilton.

Verstappen had openly called Hamilton out declaring his confidence in winning the championship. The Red Bull tent had similarly expressed the same hopes saying it was just a matter of time before Verstappen caught up.

This time, however, the red bull favorite crashed out early, once again dashing his hopes.

LeClerc was previously seen as a bit of a wild card that was a slight possibility at best, but his recent victory has changed the whole perspective.

Even Hamilton claimed there is a lot more greatness to come from the young racer, and he was looking forward to seeing his growth. He also added it was fun trying to chase him, but he was just too quick.

Monza, Ferrari’s home race is the next one on Sunday. There is a lot of hope for a repeat performance from LeClerc as he gives a triumphant homecoming in front of passionate fans.

Team boss Mattia Binotto claimed it would still be hard to pull off. He told media outlets the best means of approaching Monza would have been to have already won many races before and not only the Belgian Grand Prix at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

They have not won at home since 2010, but LeClerc’s breakthrough with the Monaco anthem sounding out will have expectations at an all-time high.

Charles LeClerc Pixabay