Charlie Sheen has been extremely charitable as of late; his most recent donation of $75,000 went to young girl who is battling a debilitating form of cancer.

TMZ reported that during a conversation with a Hermosa Beach police officer -- whom they insist was not arresting the eccentric actor -- Sheen learned that the officer's 10-year-old daughter, Jasmine, suffered from a form of cancer called Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma.
The disease is a form of cancer that develops within the muscle tissue and requires over a year of expensive medical treatments like chemo and radiation therapy, the gossip site explains.
Sheen reportedly said to the officer, "No parent should have to watch their kid go through that" ... and vowed to help. The "Anger Management" star is the father of five.
The next day, Sheen donated $75,000 to the Hermosa Beach Police Officers Association, which supports the Jasmine Faulk fund that the officer established in honor of his daughter.
In addition, Sheen's stunt-double, Eddie Braun, reportedly donated $25,000 to the fund.
On Sunday, the police officer posted images of the checks, along with his thanks, on the charity's Facebook page.
Later that day, Braun posted a comment of support on the page.
"Jasmine, I don't know your Daddy, but he is a Hero. He has protected me and my family and watched over us even though he doesn't even know us," he wrote.
"He protects you and loves you and will do everything he possibly can with the Lords help to get you through this difficult time, and we as a very grateful community will do what small part we can to help your Super-Hero Dad protect and watch over you ….."