There aren’t enough adjectives to describe Charlize Theron as she stepped onto the red carpet at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on Oscar Sunday.

The 37-year-old “Monster” actress was stunning when she stepped out wearing a snow-white Dior ensemble embellished with diamonds up and down her arm -- but that’s not what everyone was talking about.

The South African native shaved her golden locks a while ago for her 2014 film “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Three month later, her hair has grown out long enough to be described as the perfect pixie cut.

The starlet added a “butch twist” to the hairstyle it help it look chic and effortlessly beautiful. Many agreed that only Theron could pull off the look because of her flawless face.

"It's the most freeing thing," Theron told Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet. "I highly recommend it."

E!'s "Fashion Police" praised the actress for her look.

"She took the pixie cut a little bit further," Zanna Roberts Rassi, Marie Claire's senior fashion editor, said during the show. "It's almost shaved at the back. It's fantastic."

Many of the Twitterati agreed with the professionals, gushing over Theron’s fearless cut.

@tylerjblackburn wrote: “Charlize Theron could be one of the worlds most beautiful people. Forever. Yes please! #Oscars”

@KissMySthrnSass shared: “If you cut off all my hair, I'd look like a British man. Cut off Charlize Theron's hair and she still looks like a goddess. #OfCourse #Jeal.”

@TAYSTEVENS posted, “#charlize theron is amazing she is so elegant and beautiful #oscars.”

In @boredbarbara eye’s, Theron can do no wrong. She wrote, “charlize theron could dye her hair green and get a mohawk and STILL be timeless, stunning, exquisite and an absolute vision lbr.”

‏@_ksl tweeted that the actress’ hair was the most important part of her red carpet attire: “Obsessed with Charlize in crisp white Dior. That hair is everything.” 

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