China's new high-frequency radar system (HFSWR) can reportedly detect stealth aircraft and ships from hundreds of miles away. The new radar system is also designed to be hidden from anti-radiation missiles that can destroy early warning systems.

According to Liu Yongtan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the new radar system comes equipped with “high-frequency electromagnetic waves that have long wavelengths and wide beams”.

“A land-based version of the system can detect naval and aerial hostile objects from hundreds of kilometres away, which helps expand the range of China’s maritime early warning and defence systems,” Liu said, the South China Morning Post reported. According to Liu, anti-radiation missiles would require massive antennas to track high-frequency surface waves.

However, according to Shanghai-based military expert Shi Lao, the new radar system may face several practical challenges such as noise interference and noise interference. Shi believes that as technology advances, such high-frequency radar systems could be as low-cost coastal monitoring systems, which could be designed to detect threats from a range of over 250 miles.

“HFSWR could work 24 hours in all weathers, which would be much cheaper than operating early warning aircraft,” Shi said, the South China Morning Post reported. “They can be deployed relatively quickly with high mobility if they are mounted on vehicles, and may be loaded onto warships in the future.”