Chinese players who were saddened when Tencent took “PUBG” down can rejoice -- and laugh -- over “Game For Peace,” the tech company’s alternative to the wildly popular battle royale title.

The International Business Times previously reported that Tencent had to take “PUBG” down because it failed to gain approval from the Chinese government, which was running a campaign against online games that featured violence and gore.

Despite Tencent’s efforts to scale down the violence and gore in the game, the game still had to be taken down as its in-app microtransactions still involved war-based content.

“PUBG” had amassed over 70 million players during its run in China. Not wanting to lose any of these players, Tencent introduced a new title that looks and feels like “PUBG,” only that it doesn’t have the same violence and gore, and is designed to promote the People’s Liberation Army Air Force: a game called “Game for Peace.”

“Hilariously wholesome”

Previous “PUBG” players noted the many similarities the Chinese replacement had with the earlier title. These players said “Game for Peace” features the same gameplay, backround, graphic design and characters found in “PUBG.” They also said it doesn’t have the same gore that “PUBG” had, but is “very socialist.”

Polygon noted that one of the biggest differences between “PUBG” and “Game For Peace” is how the latter portrays the violence featured in the former.

A long list of contents reportedly coming to "PUBG" in 2020 is recently leaked online. REUTERS/Thomas White

“Game For Peace” is still a shooting game where players shoot one another in an attempt to survive. Those who are killed by other players still die, albeit in a very funny fashion.

According to a player who tweeted a scene from the game, players who “kill” other players will be treated to a “hilariously wholesome” death scene: players who are killed will stop moving, put a loot box on the ground, and wave their hands as if to say “goodbye” before disappearing into thin air.

YouTube videos showing the game also show the same thing. One certain video in particular showed just how blood-less and gore-less “Game For Peace” is: a player sees an enemy and shoots a barrage of bullets at him. The enemy is killed, but doesn’t disappear until he leaves a loot box and waves his hand goodbye.

Those who want a lighter, less gore-y version of “PUBG” will surely like this game.