• Chinese health officials advise Foxconn not to resume productions
  • A health audit confirmed that the factory is not fit amid the coronavirus outbreak
  • Apple iPhone 11 supply badly hit due to the outbreak in China

Due to the high risks of contracting coronavirus in Shenzhen, Chinese health authorities have advised Foxconn not to reopen its factories on Monday, Feb. 10.

Earlier, Foxconn announced that it planned to start production after Lunar Year break ends Monday. Foxconn is the principal Apple iPhone manufacturer in China, but the production has been halted after the coronavirus outbreak started in Wuhan that spread in different provinces of the country.

According to a report by Nikkei, the health experts in Shenzhen spoke with Foxconn and informed that its factories are high risks zone of coronavirus contamination. The public health experts conducted on-site inspections and reported that the place is not fit to start production.

“Violation of epidemic prevention and control could potentially face the death penalty,’ the internal memo circulated read. The Zhengzhou complex of Foxconn is considered the biggest iPhone production center in the world, and the company has canceled all plans to resume production at this base.

The risks concerning Foxconn’s production facilities are bad airflow of the restaurants and dormitories for employees. The facilities are centrally airconditioned, and it increases the risks of coronavirus infection.

“The local governments do not want to risk the potential virus spreading in such a labor-intensive working environment. No one wants to bear the responsibility of restarting work at this critical moment,” a source told Nikkei.

The publication’s sources also confirmed that on Friday, Feb. 7, the flight bookings for Taiwanese workers were canceled. They were expected to be back in China between Feb. 8 and Feb. 14. The decision was made in a video conference led by Chairman Young Liu.

The shutdown of factories has led to delays as iPhone 11 stockpile remains low. This move will delay Apple’s shipment plans across the globe.

Meanwhile, China's death toll due to coronavirus hits 811. It has killed more people than the deadly severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Back in 2003, SARS claimed 774 people in more than 24 countries.

Foxconn is China's biggest private-sector employer Foxconn is China's biggest private-sector employer Photo: AFP / STR