Unlike the two Chinese men, who recently tried to sell their kidneys to purchase the new Rose Gold iPhone 6S, the countrymen do not need to worry about the money anymore. A sperm bank in China has decided to offer enough money to buy the new iPhone in return for sperm donation.

According to the Times of India, a sperm bank linked to one of the Shanghai's top hospitals has decided to offer a Rose Gold iPhone 6S to the eligible donors, in exchange for sperm sample.

However, some things in life are just not free. In addition to the sperm donation, the prospective donor will have to meet a few criteria specified by the sperm bank. The donor has to be at least 165 centimeters tall, should not have any genetic diseases, must possess a Chinese identity card and a college degree.

Men, who are found eligible for sperm donation, will then have to undergo a full health examination by the Rujin hospital. The health test will help assess the fertility status of the prospective donors.

While the test alone costs 1,000 Chinese yuan ($157), the bank will offer another 6,000 RMB ($942) to the men who are selected for sperm donation. However, the money will be provided only if the donor is able to provide a total of 17ml of sperm sample. The bank has also stated that the donor must wait for 48 hours before making another donation to reach the 17ml criteria.

Even though the offer seems lucrative, no news regarding how many men have signed up for this offer has been received so far. Just after the information about such an offer was made public, another sperm bank came up with a similar offer to lure the donors.