Posters advertising singer Chris Brown’s upcoming concert have popped up all over Sweden, featuring the battered face of his ex-girlfriend, singer Rihanna.

The posters advertise Brown’s concert on Nov. 19 in Stockholm, and include venue details and the web address to Sweden's Ticketmaster website, A photograph taken by the Los Angeles Police Department of Rihanna's face after she was beaten by Brown in 2009 is included alongside the advertisement.

The Daily Mail reports that anti-domestic violence protesters canvassed the posters all over benches, bus stops and other public areas. It remains unknown exactly who is involved the demonstration. says the concert’s promoters have not yet taken any legal action.

Spg Live/Stureplansgruppen has asked that people “distinguish between the artist and the private person that is Chris Brown.” Adding that they booked the performer due to his popularity on Swedish radio.

Brown is no stranger to backlash fueled by his violence against his former girlfriend.

In September, stickers appeared on copies of his latest album “Fortune” at London locations of HMV entertainment store reading: “Warning. Do not buy this album! This man beats women.”

The “guerilla-style promo bombing” followed rumors that the two music stars had re-established their relationship. Both have since confirmed that the rumors are untrue, but said they are good friends.

“Me and her [Rihanna] have history and me and her are definitely always going to be best of friends. And we're working on our friendship now,” Brown said in an interview with Power 106 radio host Big Boy.

“As far as our personal life, I think people just got to give it a chance -- or not even give it a chance, shut the hell up is basically what it is.”

Rihanna also denounced the rumors in an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show that airs Wednesday.