Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie slammed Donald Trump's handling of the Capitol Riot and for the former president's recent comments about Mike Pence not overturning the 2020 election.

During Sunday's episode of ABC’s “This Week,” Christie said that Trump directly incited the Capitol riot for his own personal gain. Pence served as vice-president under Trump from 2017 to 2021. Some Republicans have criticized Pence for certifying the results of the 2020 election, after Trump falsely stated that the election was "rigged."

"Let's face it. Let's call it what it is. Jan. 6 was a riot that was incited by Donald Trump in an effort to intimidate Mike Pence and the Congress into doing exactly what he said in his own words last week: Overturn the election," Christie said.

Christie, who was the first high-profile Republican to endorse Trump in the 2016 presidential election, called out Trump for admitting that he wanted the 2020 election to be overturned.

"He actually told the truth by accident. He wanted the election to be overturned," Christie said.

Last week, Trump said of Pence: "Unfortunately, he didn’t exercise that power, he could have overturned the election."

Trump has stated that Pence had the ability to reverse the 2020 presidential election.

Christie went on to explain how Trump is incorrect and defended Pence for properly handling the situation.

“I think that the action the vice president took on Jan. 6 spoke loudly, and I'm glad he's finally put words to it. I don't know why it took him so long, but I'm glad that he did," Christie said.

"Donald Trump did respond to what the vice president said, and I think it's kind of akin to a kid standing in the corner holding his breath. It's immature, and it's beneath the office that he held,” he added.