There has been an ongoing competition between Marvel and Warner Bros. when it comes to superhero movies, and it looks like it won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Chris Pratt, who belongs to Team Marvel with “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” fanned the flames of this competition even further when he shared his thoughts on “Suicide Squad.” The actor graciously raved about the studio’s offerings, but he honestly thought they could have done better in their anti-hero flick.

“I really like all the Warner Bros. movies,” Pratt told io9. “I think they’re really cool and I’m not a real tough critic on those movies. But one of the flaws might have been they were introducing too many characters in ‘Suicide Squad.’ They spent 10 minutes telling us why should we care about these characters, rather than creating trilogies for each character and convincing us to care about the characters.”

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On the other hand, Pratt raved about his new movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” directed by James Gunn. He posted a poster of the movie on his Facebook and said it will probably be the greatest movie in history.

He said the movie has already gotten a surprisingly high rating from Rotten Tomatoes, and he suspects it will win every award there is to be won, including medals at the Olympics.

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He even told the Huffington Post that he was quite pleased with how the movie turned out, because it didn’t deviate much from the fantastic script.

“I was so relieved when I saw it because I knew the script. The movie is exactly how the script read. When I read the script, I knew it was good. But there’s so much stuff that can happen between reading the script, and then watching the movie, you know?” he said. “There’s so many moving parts, some of which I’m responsible for. So, I when I went to see it, I said, ‘Please still be good.’ I was just relieved to see that the movie was as good as the script.”

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” will hit theaters May 5.

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt attends a premiere of the film “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” in London on April 24, 2017. Reuters/Hannah McKay