Chrissy Teigen, John Legend
Chrissy Teigen suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl 2017. Pictured: Legend and Teigen arrive at the 2016 American Music Awards in Los Angeles on Nov. 20, 2016. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

It is Super Bowl season and several celebrities have graced the event on Sunday night, including Chrissy Teigen. Unfortunately, the palpable excitement during the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons’ game turned into a disaster for John Legend’s wife when she suffered an NSFW wardrobe malfunction.

The Super Bowl had been a witness to some wardrobe malfunction in the past. As a matter of fact, who has forgotten Janet Jackson’s infamous “nipplegate” incident back in 2004? But this year, it appeared that history has repeated itself when Teigen found herself in a situation wherein she accidentally exposed one of her nipples, People reported.

The publication detailed that the television cameras panned around the stadium in the middle of the game and caught Teigen and Legend in their private box. One keen-eyed fan, however, caught something interesting in the video and sent it to the Sports Illustrated model via Twitter.

In the tweet, one of Teigen’s nipples was slightly exposed when her light brown jacket opened and revealed she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her fishnet top. But instead of feeling embarrassed over the accidental nip slip, the 31-year-old mother-of-one proved it’s no big deal as she retweeted the NSFW video with a caption, “Boom goes the dynamite.”

Apart from the “nipplegate” incident, Teigen was also very active on social media during Super Bowl LI, sharing a handful of comical comments about the game and her snacks, Fox News noted. But it was her nip slip that really caught the attention of her almost four million Twitter followers.

Teigen, however, didn’t explain the incident nor her outfit choice, as per Us Weekly. Daily Mail, on the other hand, revealed that Teigen’s wardrobe malfunction tweet got almost 5,000 retweets and more than 24,000 favorites.

Meanwhile, this was not the first time Teigen suffered a wardrobe malfunction. Last November, she accidentally flashed the cameras when she walked the AMA red carpet in a black Yousef Akbar creation with two side slits that went up to her ribcage and was fastened with a safety pin, according to Daily Express. But instead of explaining or apologizing for the accidental overexposure, she just appeared unfazed by the incident.

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