•  Heerdegen allegedly said he would only feel sorry for Ricci if she was dismembered into small pieces
  • The actress said she had been suffering from her husband’s physical and emotional abuse
  • Heerdegen’s lawyer has denied abuse claims

For those caught up in abusive relationships, the COVID-19 lockdown was life-threatening. 'Grey's Anatomy' star Christina Ricci can, perhaps, vouch for the same.

It has been revealed that the veteran actress reportedly feared for her life during the quarantine time after hearing a disconcerting comment from her husband, followed by multiple incidents of physical abuse that happened in the presence of their 6-year-old son.

Ricci, who filed for divorce from Heerdegen in July after alleged incidents of abuse, secured a restraining order from the court on Wednesday. According to People, a judge granted the actress’s request and in effect, Heerdegen won’t have visitation rights with their son. He must also stay 100 yards away from Ricci and their family dog.

Christina Ricci at the 2013 Met Gala
Christina Ricci in Vivienne Westwood at the 2013 Met Gala. Reuters

The news outlet further reported that Ricci filed a declaration where she claimed that her husband said the only way he could feel sorry for her if she was dismembered into small pieces on their way to New Zealand for a family vacation. Those remarks lingered in her thoughts, and that night, she reportedly hid all the knives in the cabin where they were staying.

Ricci also claimed that her husband "brutally attacked" her on Dec. 16, 2019.

According to several reports, Ricci’s declaration revealed that Heerdegen not only beat her but also mocked her with pig noises. She also claimed that her son witnessed Heerdegen spitting and throwing a chair and coffee towards her direction.

Following the attack, which according to Ricci’s statement happened on June 25, an emergency protective order against Heerdegen was issued.

Lawyer Samantha Spector, who represents Ricci, submitted snaps of the bruises and injuries as a result of Heerdegen’s alleged multiple attacks.

Meanwhile, Heerdegen’s lawyer Larry Bakman reportedly told TMZ that they would file a restraining order against Ricci, which would detail her abusive conduct driven by alcohol and substance abuse.

Furthermore, Bakman told the news outlet that they would question Ricci’s credibility on the grounds of her December 2019 advice to the law enforcement that there had been no prior incidents of domestic violence between the couple.

His client also denied all the abuse allegations, which Ricci claimed happened during the quarantine period.

Heerdegen, who reportedly works behind the camera (dolly grip), and Ricci married in 2013.