What is better than feeling like James Bond? This Christmas, the endless slew of gadgets available for the 2011 holiday season will leave any techie slap-happy with glee. 

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a canopy bed that comes complete with a projector, acute sound system, LED reading lights, built-in PC and gaming console? Well now you can. This bed, made by Italian designer Edorado Carlino, might just be the gift your tech-loving boyfriend or husband has been looking for. 

Then there is the option of the Lytro camera, a device that does not just capture one point of light, but rather the entire light field. Your pictures will come to life. 

Twine is probably one of the most advanced gadgets you could give this Christmas. It might have even been inspired by the Jetsons. Twine, made by Supermechanical in Cambridge, Mass., uses WiFi, internal and external senors and batteries to have your home appliances speak to you. All you have to do is use the online application to create commands and, BAM!, your life is magically easier. For instance, you can type in the command: WHEN moisture sensor gets wet THEN tweet, 'The basement is flooding!' 

Other awesomely high-tech Christmas gift ideas include the Kindle Fire, a Swiss army knife with a USB and a stunning 3D-TV. 

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