If you want the perfect gifts for the women in your life this holiday season but you aren’t sure what to buy, we’ve got you covered. Below are seven unique gifts for every type of woman. Whether she’s into fashion, film, or just staying in, there is a present for her on this list.

The Beauty Guru:

If quarantine has given the woman in your life more time to perfect her skincare routine, then products from KungFu Apothecary might be just the right fit. The brand states that pairing its Cloud Gua Sha and Dew Cloud Allover Oil will help exfoliate the skin, increase blood flow, stimulate the lymphatic system and reduce cellulite. Get the tool for $99.00 and oil for $42.00 on their website.

For The Homebody

Some women were really able to embrace quarantine this year because honestly, home is where they like to be. Embrace their love for the indoors and make it cozier with a gift from the Homebody Candle Company. Burn + Bloom candles with fresh and homey scents start at $30.00, while various other accessories can complete the gift.

For The Petite Fashionista

Petite Ave Winter Subscription Box A Petite Ave Subscription Box is the perfect gift for the woman in your life who loves fashion, but not having to get it all tailored to fit). Photo: Petite Ave

If she loves fashion but tends to have trouble staying up to current trends because they just don’t make things in a size that suits her smaller stature, a subscription to Petite Ave might be just the trick. The company helps curate looks for anything she may need, whether it be a killer date-night outfit or some clothing to embrace the colder months. The company specifically handles curating collections for women 5’5” and under.

The Wine Lover

Wine Gift Box Image Toast the 12 Days of Christmas with a 12 Delicious Holiday Toasts Gift Box. Photo: Handout Image

If she loves a good glass of wine and the “12 Days of Christmas” then instead of pulling an Andy Bernard from “The Office” and giving her lots of birds, go with this 12 Delicious Holiday Toasts Gift Box instead. Available at WSJ Wines and Macy’s Wine Cellar for $99.00, it contains 12 mini bottles from a variety of international winemakers, which will help her expand her pallet. Boxes could include Prosecco, Bordeaux, Spanish Rioja, Argentinian Malbec and Italian Pinot Grigio, just to name a few, meaning she’ll have the perfect wine to accompany every meal (or to toast at the office Zoom holiday party).

For The Christmas Movie Lover

Hallmark Channel Popcorn Bowl Hallmark Channel movie fans will love a popcorn bowl which allows them to enjoy their favorite movies with their favorite snack. Photo: Hallmark

We all know at least one woman who really gets into the Christmas movies on Hallmark and Lifetime each year—so why not give her the gift of the best movie-watching experience out there? Hallmark fans, in particular, will love the Hallmark Channel Popcorn Bowl ($29.99), which will allow them to enjoy the perfect snack to go with their movie-watching experience. Other products can be found here for more ideas as well. 

The Sentimental Type

If the woman you love is sentimental and you’ve been forced to be apart for any reason, then Bond Touch Bracelets are sure to be the perfect gift. When paired with Bluetooth, these bracelets (which cost $98.00 on Amazon), light up when touched, which allows your loved one to know that you’re thinking of them, even if you’re miles apart.

The Woman Who Likes To Be Prepared

This year, it may even just pay to lean into the global pandemic health crisis, and if the woman in your life likes to be prepared for whatever the pandemic throws her way, then create a special box of different PPE material to help her feel safe whenever she has to venture out of the house.  You can either make your own or go with one like the Go2Kits Safe Trip Travel kit ($12.99 on Amazon), which includes four face masks, one no-touch tool, one pair of vinyl gloves, a small bottle of hand sanitizer and four hand/surface sanitizing wipes. With a full kit of PPE, even if all she takes is a trip to the grocery store, she may feel just a little bit safer.