With less than three weeks left until Christmas 2019, it is time to get serious about holiday shopping. Below are 10 unique gift ideas for any type of man. Whether he's into the outdoors, loves fashion, or is a foodie, there's something for him here. The best part: there's a gift below to suit every budget with prices starting at just $5.99.

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The Breadcrumb location marker is a 2x2 tracking device that easily attaches to a backpack, arm band or back pocket and is Bluetooth enabled. Breadcrumb Tech

Outdoorsman-- Designed with the outdoorsman in mind, the Breadcrumb Bluetooth Location Marker ($39.99) utilizes its Breadcrumb Tracking App to help find and keep track of gear up to 100+ yards away. GPS coordinates even keep track of devices when out of range. Sharing your location is also an option in the coordinating app.

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Lasko’s MyHeat™ personal heater retails for $19.95 on Amazon. Lasko

The Mechanic-- If he’s planning on spending an ample amount of time in the garage in the winter, he’ll likely appreciate this next gift. Lasko’s MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater ($19.95) keeps you warm with 200-Watts of power despite standing at just 6-inches tall. The electric heater comes already assembled and is available in four colors: black, white, blue and purple.

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Pictured is a sample of the items offered by Crate Club. Rebecka Schumann/Crate Club

Survivalist-- He’ll be ready for anything when you gift him Crate Club. This subscription service provides tactical, survival-grade gear from top brands tested by Military & Special Ops pros in three tiers-- Lieutenant, which includes custom survival tools, fit aids kits and more; Captain, which includes hiking, camping, and other outdoor essentials; and General, the most premium package that offers "the ultimate tactical experience" to "neutralize any threat." The prices are tiered based on which box you pick with prices starting at $49.99. Seasonal and annual shipments are available.

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This “Caddyshack”-inspired gift from Man Crates will be a hit with any golf lover. Man Crates

Golfer-- If he’s a golf fan, there’s a good chance he’ll appreciate The Golfer's Crate from Man Crates ($94.99). The “Caddyshack”-inspired gift includes everything a fan of the 1980 film will love, including a DVD of the movie. Other products include a gopher head cover, a DivPro 6-in-one tool, a towel, one sleeve of TaylorMade Distance+ balls, golf tees and sunflower seeds. To top it off, like most of the company’s offerings, the products will arrive in a crate that he’ll get to open with a crowbar.

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Hoyle’s Waterproof Playing Cards are perfect for the beach, pool or camping. Bicycle

Kid-At-Heart-- Why not consider gifting him a game this Christmas? Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards are equally fun and functional. Not to mention affordable at just $5.99 per deck. These are advertised as being “perfect for the beach, pool or camping,” and “are well-suited for almost any wet or humid situation.”

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Dr. Segal’s everyday compression socks promote leg health. Dr. Segal

Health-conscious-- Who said socks can’t be stylish and functional? Those who are health-conscious will appreciate a pair or two of Dr. Segal’s everyday compression socks. Not only do the cotton energy and synthetic socks offer warmth, but they also promote leg health by providing relief from swelling. The socks are available in dozens of colors and patterns with prices starting at $29.99.

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The Comfy is a wearable blanket available on Amazon. The Comfy

The Jokester-- Get your favorite prankster a gift that will make him laugh and keep him cozy all winter long. The Comfy is a blanket sweatshirt that you may just recognize from “Shark Tank.” Available in several colors and patterns, including festive Santa and Reindeer designs, The Comfy retails for $39.99 on Amazon. One size fits all.

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The Men’s Moc from Lamo’s classic collection of moccasins is available in chocolate, chestnut, and black. Lamo

Stylish-- Give him a new look by gifting him The Men’s Moc from Lamo’s classic collection of moccasins this holiday. Available in chocolate, chestnut, and black, the suede shoes feature a luxurious, soft, premium faux fur inside and a rubber sole. Prices on Amazon vary based on size and style.

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The Galaxy Watch Active2 is a thin, light, and powerful smartwatch with style. Samsung

Techie-- The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 will quickly become his new favorite gadget. This watch goes well beyond just telling the time and tracking steps and calories. Its advanced sensors also track a variety of activities to better assist users in achieving their athletic goals. Other offerings include tracking your heart rate, monitoring stress levels and even sleep patterns. Thanks to its LTE connectivity, Android and iOS users can also receive all notifications on their watch. Comfortable to wear and easy to navigate with its quick turn, touch and tap technology, this watch is a clear winner. Available in a variety of faces, bands, and finishes. Prices start at $229.99.

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Pictured is the SodaStream Fizzi One-Touch Sparkling Water Maker in black. SodaStream

Foodie-- SodaStream is the kitchen gadget he never knew he needed and now won’t be able to live without. The One Touch Electric, available in white and black, lets you create sparkling water from home with the touch of a button. There are three levels of carbonation to choose from and tap water and flavors (available to purchase here) are all you need to make a healthy, delicious drink. The Sodastream One Touch Electric starter pack is currently on sale for $104.99.