'Dark Knight Rises:' What Do Catwoman And Bane Look Like As LEGOs? [TRAILER]
Batman fans are gearing up for the release of "The Dark Knight Rises," which hits theaters on July 20th. But those who follow the black-caped vigilante hero may be excited to hear that the LEGO version of the trailer has just arrived online. DC Comics

The highly anticipated final installation in Christopher Nolan's Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises, will take place eight years following the conclusion of Knight.

Considering where Knight left off - with Batman taking the blame for Harvey Dent's crimes and hiding in the darkness as a fugitive - a lot can happen in eight years. Although Nolan's rational for why he decided to time the story in that way still remains unclear, he says it will be clear once the blockbuster hits theaters.

It will make a lot more sense to people when they see the film, Nolan told Hero Complex of the time jump. But it's not a great mystery - it's the jumping-off point for the film - but it's hard for me to articulate it. I think the mood at the beginning of the film will make a lot of sense.

If I had to express it thematically, I think what we're saying is that for Batman and Commissioner Gordon, there's a big sacrifice, a big compromise, at the end of the 'The Dark Knight' and for that to mean something, that sacrifice has to work and Gotham has to get better in a sense, he elaborated. They have to achieve something for the ending of that film - and the feeling at the end of that film - to have validity. Their sacrifice has to have meaning and it takes time to establish that and to show that, and that's the primary reason we did that.

Nolan also explains that he did not want to have to do crazy makeup to change the actors' looks.

It's a time period that is not so far ahead that we would have to do crazy makeup or anything - which I think would be distracting - but it gave them something to get their teeth into, particularly Christian in terms of [portraying] this guy who has been frozen in this moment in time with nowhere to go, he said. He really has done an incredible job figuring out how to characterize that and express that.

Nolan also told Hero Complex that although this is definitely his last Batman film, he will miss the film franchise.

It was pretty emotional as we would finish these characters and say goodbye to Alfred for the last time and say goodbye to Commissioner Gordon and eventually, with Christian, fairly close to the end, saying goodbye to Batman ... it was a big deal, Nolan said. And with these newer characters too, finishing with Anne and all these guys. It was quite touching, I must say.